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At its meeting on December 17, the Federal Council decided to extend the certificate requirements. This also affects sports.

The following measures apply from December 20, 2021 and will remain in place until January 24, 2022.



For indoor Pilates trainings, the 2G rule now applies in general. Since we have to check the COVID-19 certificates, the certificate must be brought to the training.

In the studio and during the training session, a basic, permanent mask obligation applies.

When entering the studio, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and use the disinfectant afterwards.

Please keep “social distancing” in the studio at all times. 1.5 m distance between the training areas are guaranteed.

Please only come to the agreed appointment if you are free of COVID-19 symptoms. In case of doubt, please cancel the session or arrange an online session. Family members living in the same household are also healthy and free of symptoms.

People at especially high risk continue to strictly follow the hygiene and social distancing rules. Persons at high risk are those aged 65 or over and adults who have the following medical conditions: High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diseases and therapies that weaken the immune system, cancer or obesity class III. Those who belong to a risk group are responsible for their own health and can decide for themselves whether they want to come to the studio for training. Attendance is at your own responsibility and risk. To protect this group of people, the teacher does not provide tactile cues.

In order to be able to trace chains of infection at any time (contact tracing), we record the contact details of all studio visitors.

Arrive on time and without accompanying persons at the agreed time and leave the studio as soon as possible after the training. Please understand that we need time for the professional disinfection and therefore admission is only possible at the agreed time.

If possible, come to the studio by individual means of transport.

Leave your shoes outside and your personal belongings like bags and jackets in the changing rooms.

Please touch as few things as possible in the studio and refrain from shaking hands.

The changing rooms and the shower may be used. However, we recommend that you come to the studio already dressed in your training cloths.

We recommend that you wear socks during your workout.

Please disinfect and clean the equipment, small devices, aids and mats thoroughly after use with the disposable towels provided. Everyday objects, e.g. door handles and other items are cleaned and disinfected by us regularly.

Water, tea or snacks may not be offered in the studio for the time being. You are welcome to bring your own water bottle.

The studio is thoroughly ventilated before and after each customer visit.

We prefer contactless payment.

If you forget your mask, you can buy one in the studio for CHF 1.


This set of precautionary measures is in line with the precautionary measures published by the Suisse Pilates Association and meet the most current recommendations and stipulations of the Federal Council and guidance of the Kanton of Zurich.