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The boutique studio Iin2motion is situated in a prime location in Zurich’s Seefeld and is equipped with all classic Pilates equipment from Peak Pilates, Pilates Designs and Balanced Body.

A changing room and shower are at your disposal.


A regular Pilates & Yogalates routine based on the movement and therapy concept of Spiraldynamik® builds body awareness and strength, promotes balance and enhances flexibility. It helps you to improve chronic low-back pain, reinforces better breathing, helps your heart health, fights fatigue, improves your mood, helps your mind relax, improves focus and cultivates resilience.

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I teach the Pilates and Yoga methods based on the anatomically based movement and therapy concept of Spiraldynamik® combined with the newest medical realisations.


With personal attention I fully commit to you and your individual needs and wishes.


I regularly keep up my education to deepen my own training and expertise.


«Everyone is the architect of their own happiness»

Joseph Pilates

Michèle Square

Michèle Jaeger


PMA Certified Pilates Teacher & Member of Pilatessuisse

Dipl. Spiraldynamik® Fachkraft Level Intermediate

Anusara Elements® Yoga Teacher



Michèle is incredibly observant and empathetic and seems to know my body better than I do. I cannot think of a better coach than Michèle and highly recommended her to anybody who is serious about his or her body.

Michèle is a great teacher. I appreciate her friendly and collegial manner, but also her great knowledge of the things she teaches. She never loses sight of the existing potential and is very flexible and open when it comes to designing the lessons. Her will to always take you forward, is what makes her stand out.

Through the Pilates training with Michèle, my physical and mental well-being has improved considerably and the restrictions in everyday life belong to the past. I have built up muscle mass, increased mobility and lost fat. In her bright and beautifully furnished studio you immediately feel at home! I particularly appreciate Michèle's high level of professionalism and her personal, friendly and demanding manner. The individual training has helped me to stretch my physical limits further and further. I never thought at the beginning of my "Pilates career" that I would ever be able to do certain exercises again with my back problems. The hopes have been surpassed by quantum leaps - and it still carries on. Thank you!

My back pain is gone! I have become more flexible, fitter and stronger! I like Michèle's professional, yet personal way. Michèle is a very well trained teacher and always knows how to motivate me!

The Pilates training with Michèle has helped me to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. I have a better body awareness and can now practise other sports again. I would recommend her anytime.

I can sum up all my experiences in one sentence: Pilates training, the new and completely different experience of listening to my body, of actually feeling it again, of learning movement sequences and exercises that seemed unthinkable to me a few years ago, and Michèle's in-depth, intelligent, careful training, her vast knowledge have changed my life.

The holistic approach of this training method is unique. I feel better after EVERY single workout. Michèle varies the intensity and the sequence of the training and corrects very precisely. Michèle dedicates all her focus to the client and gets the most out of me. Pilates training is the best investment in my physical wellbeing and fitness.

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All instructors teaching at my studio have the highest possible training and regularly keep up their education to deepen their training and expertise, allowing them to cater flexibly to your needs and wishes.