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Code of Ethics


I understand my offers as a contribution to the promotion of health maintenance of the individual and the society with its social structures.


I base my thinking and actions on a medical and humanistic foundation.


My goal is to maintain or increase the quality of my offers through a manageable, relevant quality management.


I design my Pilates classes according to fundamental ethical principles towards my clients and myself.


I deliver what I promise. I continue to educate myself in order to provide my clients with the highest possible standard of quality and I teach my Pilates classes based on the latest medical knowledge. The listings on my website describe my services truthfully.


I protect the privacy of my clients, staff and freelancers. I do not discriminate against clients or teammates. I treat clients and teammates with respect, honesty, fairness and integrity.


My offerings sensitise people to examine and reflect on their own lifestyles.


I acknowledge the limits and possibilities of my clients, employees and freelancers and myself also with regard to my competences. I teach within the limits of my abilities and always put the well-being and safety of my clients at the centre of my work.


I take ecological responsibility in the selection of products.