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We had just moved to Zurich from the USA, the stresses were great in many ways and I had problems with my cervical spine and lower back. A rheumatologist strongly advised me to take Pilates, explaining that with targeted therapy and training I could almost certainly avoid an otherwise imminent operation. He recommended that I go to Michèle for training. I can sum up all my experiences in one sentence: Pilates training, the new and completely different experience of listening to my body, of actually feeling it again, of learning movement sequences and exercises that seemed unthinkable to me a few years ago, and Michèle's in-depth, intelligent, careful training, her vast knowledge have changed my life. Of course Michele's humour towards my groaning bones and her occasional ignoring of my protests out of laziness, her warmth and her always patient ear are essential. Michele tailors the training to the individual needs, abilities and indeed physical problems of each client: for example, I had shoulder problems for months and could not fully extend my left arm. With specific exercises suggested by her, I have not only regained freedom of movement, but walk through my days without pain. In general, I think I'm fitter and more body-conscious today than when I was younger, thanks to Pilates and Michèle's classes.I would love to go to Michele's Pilates studio every day, but I can't because she has many other clients who probably want the same thing, and because it would probably be very expensive. Nevertheless, I find the price/performance ratio absolutely justified, for the reasons mentioned above, and also because Michèle works in her wonderfully furnished studio with all the equipment devised by Josef Pilates.

After my back surgery due to a disc hernia in my lumbar spine, I kept having mild to moderate relapses that had to be treated by my doctor and with painkillers. As a result, I moved less and less. As an ex-athlete, this led to frustration and less and less muscle, which in turn worsened the problems - a vicious circle with little encouraging prospects. Through the Pilates training with Michèle, my physical and mental well-being has improved considerably and the restrictions in everyday life are a thing of the past. Overall, my life circumstances have practically returned to one hundred percent as before. I have built up muscle mass, increased mobility and lost fat. In her bright and beautifully furnished studio, where there are always almonds, mint leaves in the water and, if I'm lucky, even my beloved cashews, you immediately feel at home! I particularly appreciate Michèle's high level of professionalism and her personal, friendly and demanding manner. The individual training, adapted to the mood and condition of the day, has helped me to stretch my physical limits further and further. I never thought at the beginning of my "Pilates career" that I would ever be able to do certain exercises again with my back problems. The hopes have been surpassed by quantum leaps - and it still carries on. It's a real relief. The Pilates training with Michèle has contributed decisively to the fact that I will be fit and not massively limited in my old age, thank you!


I wasn’t a Pilates enthusiast. I have always been a passionate competitive swimmer. When I picked up Pilates to fight some deficiencies in my posture, I learnt how extremely well it supported my swimming. In fact, I regret all the years in my past swimming “career” where I didn’t yet practice Pilates. Pilates is pivotal for swimming, and I believe in any other competitive sport, particularly if your body naturally lacks body tension or if you want to improve it. Michèle is my Pilates guru. She is incredibly observant and empathetic and seems to know my body better than I do. In the past years, being her student also motivated me to practice Pilates even when she is not there, because I want to get the most out of the sessions with her. Hence, I warmly recommend Pilates to anybody who intends to stay in a healthy body or cure it from addressable deficiencies. Moreover, I cannot think of a better coach than Michèle and highly recommended her to anybody who is serious about his or her body.

I had no idea what Pilates was. After I had already tried a few things, I was very impressed by the efficiency of the Pilates training. The holistic approach of this training method is unique. I feel better after EVERY single workout. Michèle varies the intensity and the sequence of the training and corrects very precisely. Cheating is not possible! Michèle dedicates all her focus to the client and is 100% with you all the way. If it weren’t for Michèle I would probably not attend with such pleasure and discipline! I can recommend her to anyone who is looking to get better and improve overall well-being; she is always in good spirits and gets the most out of me. Pilates training is the best investment in my physical wellbeing and fitness.


I work at the computer all day and I know that I have a bad posture. Accordingly, I often had back pain and was almost permanently tense, especially in the shoulder area. Since Pilates I no longer have any back pain. The stability in my torso has improved considerably. Besides the noticeable benefits of the training, I also like to concentrate intensively on my own body for an hour after a head-heavy day and also feel what the smallest movements and corrections can do. I appreciate her friendly and collegial manner, but also her great knowledge of the things she teaches. She knows my body very well with its strengths and weaknesses and never loses sight of the existing potential. I also like the fact that she is very flexible and open when it comes to designing the lessons. For example, I find the inclusion of spiral dynamics a very exciting thing that impresses me. I would recommend Michèle at any time! The relaxed and good atmosphere, but also her will to always take you forward, is what makes her stand out.

I practised Pilates and yoga for years and always had back pain. The pain was so bad that I was in medical treatment and surgery was under discussion. Then I came to Michèle. My back pain is gone! I have become more flexible, fitter and stronger - especially in the middle of my stomach. I like Michèle's professional, yet personal way. She takes a back seat and always treats me as a client, even though we now know each other very well and also have a certain closeness and friendship. Michèle is very well trained and knows a lot about anatomy. The training is adapted to me, she always knows how to motivate me and knows my body and psyche well. She is funny and easy-going, but you are not there for fun. She is the right person to see if you really want to work on yourself and change something.


I had nerve pain due to a herniated disc with impairments in certain movements. I tried to do sports to train my muscles again, unfortunately this often led to increased pain again. The Pilates training with Michèle has helped me to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, which are important for me, without stressing the nerves. I have a better body awareness and can now practise other sports again. I appreciate her friendly, natural and encouraging manner, as well as her great knowledge of body structure and the interaction of the individual muscles. She listens to every single client and adapts the training to the individual needs, I would recommend her anytime.

Through the individual and tailor-made Pilates training with Michèle, I feel better in general, my back complaints have decreased and my body awareness has improved significantly. I especially appreciate her competent, communicative, relaxed and funny manner. Michèle is an experienced trainer with many years of teaching experience whom I would recommend to anyone.