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True Pilates New York, Classical Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Academy of Switzerland, Contemporary Pilates Teacher Training

Università degli Studi di Genova, Studies in science of law

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What I love about pilates is the mix between strength, coordination and stretching. The continues focus on a controlled movement and breath, makes it a unique opportunity to get deeply in contact with ones body, becoming more and more aware of it, the way it moves and the way it feels. After each session I feel not only stronger, straighter, but also balanced and relaxed. All of this brought me to deepen my knowledge of this method, studying it with the best source possible: Joseph Pilates’ protégée Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari Mejia, and to spread the method I love. The possibility to support people feel better and look better trough tailored trainings. Their positive feedback of painless bodies motivate me to continue and gives me a lot joy.

About me

Since my childhood sports played a key role in my life. I started at an early age with gymnastics and later with swimming at a competitive level. I studied law at the Universitàdegli Studi di Genova and graduated in 2002.

I discovered the Pilates method in 2003. After taking a few lessons, my interest turned into a strong passion, to the point that I decided to become a Pilates trainer in 2006. I obtained my first qualification in Zurich with Pilates Academy of Switzerland where I successfully completed a 700-hour training program.

Between 2006 and 2009 I worked as a Pilates trainer in Zurich, while periodically attending seminars across Europe to further refine my expertise. During this period I got in contact with some senior trainers from True Pilates New York, Romana Kryzanowska’s Pilates school. Romana is a world renowned protègèof Joseph H. Pilates. I was so thrilled by the quality of the classical Pilates method that in 2009 I decided to undertake a second certification with True Pilates New York.This time, I trained in Den Haag under the supervision of Marjorie Orion and in Romana’s True Pilates school in New York. I obtained my second certification in 2011 and I am certified to teach all levels on all apparatus. I am fluent in Italian, English and German.

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Happy Customers

Marta is a highly knowledgeable teacher, attuned to the individual needs of the body and focused on steady improvement. She is motivating, upbeat.

Marta is an incredible teacher! Her knowledge of the biomechanics, her dedication and attention to the client s body, her energy, makes my pilates hour with her my favourite me time.